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Looking for Two Angels - Holy Angels Plot, Glasnevin

Yesterday, on the 9th anniversary of my father's passing - my mother and I placed a wreath on his grave in St. Mary's Church of Ireland Cemetery in ‪‎Clonsilla‬. We then travelled to ‪‎Glasnevin‬ Cemetery and did the same on the grave of my paternal grandparents Brigid and John.

Finally, we crossed the road to the Holy ‪Angels‬ plot where my twin ‪sister‬ and ‪brother‬ - Carol Anne Penrose (10 days old - 15th May 1969) & Alan Raymond Penrose (1 day old - 5th May 1969) are laid to rest.

My mother lost her babies after a full term pregnancy. The good people of the ‪Catholic‬ Church took them, baptised them without her at Westland Row and buried them ‪‎anonymously‬ in mass graves along with 50000 other babies whose mothers never got to hold them or ‪‎grieve‬ for them at a place where they knew they rested.

In 2005 this was at last partly corrected. The previously sunken and unkempt plot was replaced with communal headstones, gardens and seating areas on the perimeters of a small area of unmarked graves.

In her address at the dedication of the restored plot to the hundreds of people in attendance, then President of Ireland Mary McAleese recognised that in the past many children had been "buried in oppressed silence between dusk and dawn". She said that too often the loss experienced by parents was not acknowledged and that "clinical insensitivity accompanied the eerie silence".

The ‪‎President‬ referred to her own ‪grandmother‬ who lost a ‪daughter‬ shortly after birth but continued to speak of her 50 years later. Mrs. McAleese added that the newly restored plot was a deserving resting place for the 50,000 children.

Yesterday we corrected my mothers children's entries in the ‪birth‬ records database at the ‪‎genealogy‬ office, located the exact spot where they are (only possible recently after the Catholic Church released the records) and made arrangements to replace their ‪anonymous‬ location with single identifiable locations for both Carol and Alan. My ‪mother‬ is the strongest person I know.

On the Holy Angels Plot, Christy ‪Kenneally‬ read one of his poems, which has been inscribed there on a stone monolith - it is beautiful and heart breaking and a fitting tribute to all the ‪children‬ who rest there. ‪

I did not die young
I lived my span of life
Within your body
And within your love
There are many
Who have lived long lives
And have not been as loved as me
If you would honour me
Then speak my name
And number me among your family
If you would honour me
Then strive to live in love
For in that love I live
Never ever doubt
That we will meet again
Until that happy day
I will grow with God
And wait for you.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Beginner's Guide to being a German Politician

This beginners guide to being a German politician draws from the legacy of Bismarck in 1871 to Merkel in 2015 with star turns by the Kaiser and Hitler in between and a cameo by Willy Brandt in the late 1960's.

There are only five very simple rules: 
1. Make a very bad decision that undermines your country and Europe and sometimes the world; 
2. Stick rigidly to this decision despite overwhelming evidence of its disastrous consequences (this is known as "Teutonic Arrogance Regression Syndrome" in psychiatric circles and is a cyclical dormant condition that can never be fully cured and re-appears now and again despite everyones best efforts but always looks a little different - a little bit like herpes);
3. Fail spectacularly in what you were trying to achieve and destroy your country in the process and a few neighbouring ones too; 
4. Perform a huge u-turn, mumble something about "orders" or "best intentions" or that "you were on holidays at the time you did not do it" or better still blame someone else for the decision and patch up your error with money, hand-wringing and sincere promises that you will not do it again; 
5. Do it again; 
For a practical example of the application of these rules please read "Merkel wants to 'drastically decrease' refugee arrivals in Germany"

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & Egyptian Islamic Jihad in Canada

The federal government in Canada is coming under increased pressure to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror outfit, as more evidence piles up that the group has tentacles in Canada.

Its two main offshoots, Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, are listed as terrorist organizations in Canada. The last Canadian organization to be added to the list is the alleged Hamas fundraiser IRFAN-Canada, which has worked closely with the Brotherhood, according to an RCMP warrant.

A source has stated that the Brotherhood itself, long considered the ideological godfather of Islamist terrorism, has also been under close watch by security officials. A QMI investigation found that top Brotherhood leaders have lived in Canada for decades. They have led pro-Sharia organizations and sent money and resources to groups that the RCMP and the Canada Revenue Agency say are owned or controlled by Hamas.

Brotherhood-linked facilities have invited extremist speakers to Canada who defended child suicide bombers, amputation for thieves and stoning for adulterers.

A U.S. terror financing trial heard a secret Brotherhood plan for North America calling for a "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house."

Stockwell Day, who served in Stephen Harper's cabinet for five years, told QMI that Islamist ideology is being propagated in Canada by Brotherhood "sympathizers." "The government really has to drill down and look at statements from the Brotherhood," the former public safety minister said from Vancouver, where he works as a consultant. "If they find in fact that there's a preponderance of evidence that shows that they are actively promoting, encouraging, glorifying, killing of Canadians ... then they should be labelled as a terrorist group."

Coptic Christians, whose churches have reportedly been torched by Muslim Brotherhood backers in Egypt, asked the Harper government last year to ban the Brotherhood.

School teacher Hassan Al-Banna founded the Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928, calling for a global Islamic caliphate. Its intellectual leaders have gained worldwide renown as preachers, scholars and activists but Brotherhood supporters also have a long history of violence dating back to the 1948 assassination of Egyptian prime minister Mahmud al-Nuqrashi.

The Brotherhood creed, shared by Hamas, is: "Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Qur'an is our law, jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

While Brotherhood analysts say the group is unlikely to launch attacks on Canadian soil, there's evidence the group is spreading extremist messages in Canada, aside from its alleged financing of terror abroad. Documents tabled at a U.S. Hamas financing trial indicate the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) played a key role in spreading the Brotherhood message.

The Brotherhood lists ISNA U.S.A. as one of its 29 key North American affiliates. While ISNA's Mississauga, Ont., office claims to be independent from the Indiana-based umbrella group, it shares board members both past and present with ISNA U.S.A., as well as a name and a logo.

QMI Agency found extremist materials at two ISNA locations in Canada. A book advocating Palestinian terrorism and suicide bombings was displayed at the ISNA-owned Muslim Community of Quebec mosque in Montreal. U.S. prosecutors at the 2007 Holy Land terrorism financing trial also tabled a phone directory, seized from a Brotherhood operative, which lists five Canadians among the top Brotherhood leaders in North America.

One of them, Dr. Jamal Badawi of Halifax, is a noted Muslim scholar, speaker and television host. His name appears three times in evidence at the Holy Land trial, the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history. Badawi has publicly preached nonviolence and tolerance. However, a compilation of his teachings on makes it clear he believes establishing an Islamic state is a duty for Muslims. "The Qur'an is full of indications that are direct, indirect, explicit, implicit that show without any shred of doubt that the establishment of Islamic order or rule is mandatory that Muslims must establish," the website reads.

QMI Agency reached Badawi at his Halifax home, at the same phone number listed in the Brotherhood directory tabled at the Holy Land trial. He insisted his links to the Brotherhood are "a myth" and that "there's no Muslim Brotherhood in Canada."

The longtime Haligonian described his own views as "no fanaticism on one side or no looseness on the other side."

The Prime Minister's Office wouldn't name the Muslim Brotherhood when asked for its official position on the group. "Our government is taking strong action to protect law-abiding Canadians from those who wish to harm us," PMO spokesman Jason MacDonald said in an e-mail. "The Criminal Code terrorist entity listing process is an important tool in preventing terrorist attacks from being carried out."


Dr. Wael Haddara, intensive-care physician, London, Ont. - Key adviser to Egyptian president and Brotherhood stalwart Mohamed Morsi in 2012. Denies Brotherhood membership. - As president of the Muslim Association of Canada in 2011, Dr. Haddara endorsed the Brotherhood and the teachings of founder Hassan Al-Banna. - He was a founding director of IRFAN-Canada, and a board member until 2002. IRFAN was audited in 2004 and banned in 2011 for allegedly donating millions to Hamas. - When contacted by QMI Agency, he said he had no knowledge of IRFAN sending money to Hamas.

Rasem Abdel-Majid, fundraiser, Mississauga, Ont. - General manager of IRFAN-Canada and its predecessor, the Jerusalem Fund for Human Services (JFHS). - Attended a secret Brotherhood meeting in 1993 at which Hamas funding was discussed, says an RCMP warrant. - U.S. officials say IRFAN was part of the "the Global Hamas financing mechanism." - Calls to Adbel-Majid were not returned


Aside from IRFAN, two other Canadian charities with links to the Muslim Brotherhood have had their status revoked, or been denied charity status:

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) was a donor to Brotherhood-linked groups in Canada. It was delisted in 2012 for alleged ties to Saudi-based organizations that funnelled money to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

ISNA Development Foundation (IDF) was delisted in 2013 for allegedly giving more than $280,000 to an agency linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, a Pakistani Islamist group that's an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Republished in its entirety from Toronto Sun

The "good Dr." Ali Selim - Muslim Brotherhood Mouthpiece & Arrogant Pedant

Wahhabi Salafi Islam was the "mainstream" Irish Muslim view according to "Dr." Ali Selim in an interview given in August 2010. Selim has always been strident in promoting the Muslim Brotherhood’s fundamentalist Salafi interpretation of Islam. An assertion that the majority of Irish Muslims subscribe to this interpretation is simply not true but mirrors a model that has been replicated time and again in other European countries where the "Brotherhood" has infiltrated Muslim communities.

The "good Dr." Ali Selim - MB Mouthpiece & Arrogant Pedant 

Ali Selim meanwhile is also known for his infamous comments on Bin Laden in a RTE Prime Time programme on Radical Islam in 2006 in which he declined to judge the now dead criminal as he had not personally met the terrorist mastermind. This was only a prelude to other disturbing views repeatedly expressed by the oh so "intellectual" and "reasonable" Selim that have shocked Irish society.

A file photograph of Ali Selim at the Centre for Islamic Studies in Clonskeagh

In 2003 on the Late Late Show on a program on violence in the name of Islam when asked Selim was hesitant in condemning the 9/11 attacks and gave a qualified answer.

In 2009 Selim on RTE’s “Does God Hate…?” series when asked about the practice of stoning women who have committed adultery in Islamic countries he was loathe to condemn the barbaric practice outright and instead declared that it was symbolic; small comfort to those in Iran and Somalia and elsewhere who have suffered this horrific fate and at total odds with the opinions of civilised society.

Yet he continues to be hauled out for comment by the main stream Irish media for a trite sound bite whenever Muslim matters are being discussed.

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland 

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin and the largest mosque in Ireland) is a reactionary, conservative mosque that is apparently linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. It seems to be the main Muslim Brotherhood centre in Ireland, and one of the main Muslim Brotherhood centres in Europe.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist organisation devoted to the ideology of Radical Islamism. The Clonskeagh mosque will clearly be of no help in the struggle against this twisted interpretation of Islam.

The Dubious Opinions of Sheikh Hussein Halawa

The "Centre" is run by Sheikh Hussein Halawa (who will not speak English when interviewed (18 years in Ireland)), wants Sharia law, insists on Halal food in all Irish schools and separate buildings and gymnasiums for his followers.

Because he can't speak English, allegedly, it is always very hard to cross-examine him and interpret his normally evasive answers. He claims to condemn terror, but does not condemn Palestinian terror as he does not consider it to be terror. He also seems vague on whether Muslims carried out 9/11 and other acts. He revealed his anti-Israel prejudice when he criticised Obama for allegedly supporting Israel (If only that was true).

When asked about attacks against journalists and cartoonists who have allegedly demeaned Allah he stated that these people should be "held accountable" - in some vague, but threatening way - for their actions.

When interviewed he never condemns the application of Sharia Law in Pakistan, Iran, Gaza, Sudan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

He was quoted by Eoghan Harris in the Sunday Independent on 17 Oct 2004, as saying that he would like to see Ireland as an Islamic state. Halawa wrote a letter on 31 Oct 2004 denying that he ever said this. But "I have never made such a statement" is not much of a denial. I would like to see him go further and state clearly that he is opposed to an Islamic state because he believes in freedom of religion for all.

Hussein Halawa was invited to read from the Koran at the Nov 2004 Irish presidential inauguration in yet another example of mis-guided and mis-informed Irish liberal fools setting the agenda for the nation.

A US diplomatic cable in 2005 is sceptical about Halawa it "welcomes Halawa's public statement condemning the 7/7 attacks and terrorism in general, but remains unconvinced that Halawa will take strong steps to fight extremism. Despite Halawa's statement, and the center's reputation as a moderate mosque in Dublin, we retain some suspicions about his activities and can confirm that there are known extremists that frequent ICCI".

Hussein Halawa says homosexuality is a disease, June 2011, and does not oppose the death penalty for activist gays.

The Arrest of Ibrahim Halawa at al-Fateh during the "Day of Rage" MB Protests 

The Sheikh is the father of Ibrahim Halawa, who was 17 when he was arrested along with two of his sisters in 2013 for attending a protest in Cairo. His sisters were later released, but despite campaigns calling for his freedom, he remains in prison today. The young man was arrested by the Egyptian army as he took refuge in the Cairo al-Fateh mosque while Muslim Brotherhood protesters staged a "Day of Rage" outside.

Demonstrators took to the streets after their elected leader, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted from power in a military "coup", leading to a crackdown ordered by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, now the country's president.

It is feared young Halawa, who it is alleged was on his summer holidays in the Egyptian capital when violence flared, will face the death penalty. It has always been puzzling as to why the young man and his two sisters chose to travel for a "holiday" to Egypt at one of the worst periods of civil unrest in the country in recent history.

The legal proceedings against the young man have been repeatedly delayed since 2013. Campaigners seeking the release of young Ibrahim and other advocacy groups including Amnesty International claim the teenager has described "experimental torture techniques" to his family in messages sent from jail, where he recently spent his 20th birthday.

The young man is a victim of the extremist ideologies of his father the Sheikh and Selim - who both remain in very comfortable surroundings in Ireland - far from the filth, degradation and torture - being endured by young Ibrahim. A classic Muslim Brotherhood model and outcome.

Sheikh Halawa is an extremist and has hosted and continually seeks to host a leading Muslim cleric, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has stated that pregnant Israeli women and children were "legitimate" targets, that suicide-bombing attacks on Israelis are ‘martyrdom in the name of God’, advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and supports "honour" killings of women and children

Some Background on the Clonskeagh Mosque
(Courtesy of Mark Humphrys)

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) in Clonskeagh, Dublin has links with Dubai. The ICCI was built and funded by the ruling family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a country with an appalling human rights record ("Laws prohibit criticism of the government, ruling families, and friendly governments").

President Mary Robinson and the Deputy Ruler of Dubai officially opened the centre in 1996. Has Mary Robinson ever condemned the lack of freedom in Dubai? Not to my knowledge.

Links to Muslim Brotherhood: The Muslim Brotherhood the totalitarian Islamist organisation, linked to Islamic terror and oppression is linked by almost all writers on the matter to the ICCI. Shaheed Satardien says the ICCI is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mary Fitzgerald: "Many Muslim Brotherhood members I met recently in Cairo asked me if I knew Sheikh Halawa after hearing I was from Ireland."

Mary Fitzgerald: "Many Muslims in Ireland speak of the ICCI as the "Ikhwani" mosque, an Arabic-language reference to the Muslim Brotherhood".

In 2007 the Clonskeagh mosque hosted two extremist speakers: Saudi cleric Salman Al Awda (or Salman al-Audah or Salman Al-Aouda), one of the 26 Saudi scholars who issued the fatwa in 2004 calling for holy war against the Americans in Iraq. "There is no doubt that the Jihad against the occupation is a duty of those who are capable of it." And this man was invited into Ireland by Halawa and permitted to enter by the Irish authorities. He visited Clonskeagh in 2007. The moderate Shia Ali Al Saleh said that this cleric had recently written an article in a Saudi newspaper describing Shias as "non-Muslims".

Egyptian cleric Wagdy Ghoneim (or Wagdi Ghoneim or Wajdi Ghunaim), supporter of suicide bombing. "Those young people who explode themselves to kill the Jews were not committing suicide but jihad." He was denied entrance into Canada for being a member of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet he was let into Ireland. And invited by the Clonskeagh mosque. He visited Clonskeagh in 2006 and 2007.

The UN list of people associated with al-Qaeda includes two people in Ireland. Oddly, both of them worship at the Clonskeagh mosque.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been banned from entering the country after his latest attempt to meet with Irish Muslims at the centre. The 84-year-old Egyptian is head of the European Council of Fatwa and Research. The ECFR is a private Islamic foundation whose headquarters are at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland in Dublin.

Members of this Muslim Brotherhood fanatics congregation at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) in Clonskeagh, Dublin celebrated the kidnapping and murder of Irish aid worker Margaret Hassan and mourned the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Mainstream Media Blinkers

Again and again on the front pages of the Irish "media" we see his family (never his father but his sisters) complaining that their brother is still held by the Egyptian authorities and threatening to sue the Irish government for not securing his release.

And time and again we see TV air time devoted to the basic fact of his incarceration but without any of the context that led to that event. Selective PC informed reporting typical of the Irish main stream media.


Mark Humphrys
Dialogue Ireland
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Saturday, 5 December 2015

"Finchie Cova" Open Letter to ISIS on behalf of Paddy

So after the past few weeks of shite that's been floating around on Facebook I've tried to stay out of it. But I can't, not anymore. Finchie needs to speak.


What's the craic lads! I don't think we have officially met. Finchie here from Ireland, we are that non-aggravating, laid back post-English island to the West of the bullshit.

So how's yourself? Been busy I hope.

I see from the shallow media outlets and the "copy & paste" fear posting on social media that ye have been up to your neck in it the past few months. Good for you!

Sorry to be bothering ye boys while ye are busy planning the world's biggest burning man festival in the name of Alan (or what ever he's called) but something has come to our attention in the past few days that we need to have a quick "chat" about.

What's this I hear about ye adding us to a list of countries called "The Global Coalition" in some mad 80's themed propaganda video? Ah lads come on will ya, shtep down from the 3 legged horse now for a second and rewind the cassette cuz I think ye got it wrong.

First of all, lads we're only here for the craic! We have been through too much shite-hawking over the past couple of thousand years to be goin all "rouge and shit" and joining in fights we clearly don't want to be part of.

It's like when a fisht fight breaks out in primary school between Vince and Iano Kelly. Most of us just watch, shout a bit and kick a bin to make noise or whatever, but we don't bother getting involved (well Vince is English so any sly opportunity for a shneaky kick to the shins and we're all over it) we couldn't be arsed with the whole thing, we're simply too laid back.

Now keeping that in mind let me let you in on a few tips if you do decide to come over here and piss in our cornflakes. Don't judge us on the actions of the lads across the pond. We don't like that craic. I get that ye have yer fight an all, but don't drag us into it, we don't give a left bollock for Alan and what he tells ye to do. Sharon's law (or whatever it is) won't work here. I know a Sharon, and she's a cunt. We don't like her either.

Don't bomb our shit. We just finished building it back after breaking free from the very enemy you also have on your hit list (if you want tho you can destroy Leitrim, absolute shitehole lads I'm not joking).

We have more than one army. One official army actually went training in north Cork recently to prepare for your arrival. And yes north Cork is exactly like Damascus, especially Fermoy on a Friday night.

We also have a few non-official, highly secretive, multi-talented armies all with the same name (you get used to it after a while) who hate each other but have one very important thing in common ... all mad bastards. Let that sink in.

By the way the unofficial armies are all trained in guerrilla warfare. Meaning you're fucked. Like actually fucked. Unless you want to buy weapons, then some of them will turn a blind eye to "the cause" and sell ya a few AKs while you visit.

Don't even think about blowing up Leo Burdocks!!!

Consider this your harshest warning! If any single pub is damaged during your short stay here, we will consider this an act of war!!! We praise our God Arthur (Guinness) and we will strike down on you with great vengeance and furious anger if you attempt to destroy our drinking patterns during a time of crisis!

On a final note, remember these and you should be fine:

1. "Offies" close at ten;
2. Don't leave the immersion on;
3. PM me for Bono's address;
4. Don't bomb shit when the Toy Show is on;
5. Start with Leitrim;
6. If you're looking for virgins you won't find any on Harcourt Street;
7. Get a Tesco clubcard. Trust me;
8. If you want to blow up a stadium, go to Dalymount please;
9. Go to a water protest, they don't judge you for where you're from, just if you pay or not;
10. Finally, if asked for change, eyes down and keep fucking walking!

So ISIS it's good to meet you. Do yourself a favour and us - stay where you are. You don't want to come here, we're not bothered with the issues you have. But if you do, we will beat the shit out of all of you using mammies wooden spoon, Kilkenny hurlers and the bouncers from the copper faced Jack's.

Yours Unintentionally
Finchie and the rest of Ireland

EDIT: Offaly, Offaly too!


Mr. Finchie Cova;
Republished entirely from The Irish MIRROR ;

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Management of Savagery: The Baathist Blueprint for ISIS

This post in its entirety is re-published in a summarized form from an article by John Glaser published in Newsweek on 11/21/15

ISIS has its origins in the Sunni insurgency following the invasion of Iraq by the George W. Bush administration. This gave rise to Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, which eventually split from core Al Qaeda, in part because of its shocking violence towards other Muslims.

The Management of #Savagery: The #Baathist Blueprint for ISISIt is the opinion of some that it is highly ironic that...

Posted by TMG Corporate Services on Monday, November 23, 2015

In or about 2006 AQI leaders published a book called The Management of Savagery. It laid out a strategy of employing spectacular acts of brutality and displaying them across media platforms in order to goad Western powers into ground wars in the Middle East.

This took notice of the jihadi lesson of the guerrilla war against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s, that this was the only way they could do any real damage to a great power like the U.S.

AQI, like ISIS now, includes in its highest ranks former Baathist members of Saddam Hussein’s military apparatus, who joined the militant group after the Bush administration’s de-Baathification policies and after the U.S.-backed sectarian regime in Baghdad proved unwilling to include Sunnis in government.

It is the opinion of some that it is highly ironic that those calling for a hardline interventionist approach to ISIS are unwittingly falling into ISIS’s trap.

Nicolas Hénin, a French citizen who escaped from the captivity of ISIS, said military intervention is “what ISIS wants.”

They attacked Paris, Hénin wrote recently, “knowing all too well that the attack would force us to keep bombing or even to intensify these counterproductive attacks.”

An intensified air war or ground invasion to battle ISIS would be incredibly costly and has a high likelihood of yielding counterproductive blowback and unintended consequences.

But more than that, it’s the very approach that will give the struggling terrorist group a new lease on life. Nothing could be better for their recruitment than a renewed battle with the Crusaders.

So, is it in our interest to entangle ourselves in another complicated and vicious Middle Eastern war that has little chance of success and high chances of making everything worse? No, probably not but doing nothing is not an option either.

Acknowledgments & References:
John Glaser Master’s degree candidate in International Security at George Mason University.
See full article here

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Weak-willed West needs to aggressively assert its values

The bullets were still flying. People were still being killed. Yet even as the atrocity in Paris was unfolding in front of a horrified live TV audience, the appeasers, the justifiers and the outright sympathisers were quick to rush to the ramparts to engage in their own uniquely warped form of victim blaming .
This wasn't a savage assault on the Western way of life perpetrated by Medieval savages. It was a response to the nasty West and our interfering ways. As Mick Wallace infamously put it: "So terrible for the victims but when is France going to stop it's (sic) role in the militarisation of the planet?"
A tweet more suited to a 15-year-old kid who has just read Noam Chomsky and now insists on viewing everything through the prism of reflexive anti-Western sentiment that permeates the intellectual and political elites of the West; it showcased a perverse cultural self-loathing which rarely places the responsibility for Islamist crimes on the Islamist killers.
Wallace was hardly unique in this sentiment and it was hardly a surprise that Clare Daly, Clyde to his Bonny, would immediately endorse her friend's idiotic message.
Wallace and Daly's tweets were made notable only by the fact that they are both elected representatives of our national parliament, but anyone who has given their respective careers even a cursory glance would have known to expect no better.
They were not alone in their opinion. By midnight on Friday, 'The Guardian' was running pieces warning against Islamophobia and fretting about increased attacks on Muslims (there have been none). Salon used the attack to blame the Republicans and Fox News and we saw the emergence of 'grief hipsters' who tut-tutted at anybody who was shocked by the Paris attacks because, y'know, there was a suicide bombing in Beirut a few days earlier and people weren't as upset by that as they were by the events on Friday night. Then we were bombarded by chin-stroking poseurs telling us that not all Muslims were terrorists and the rise of Islamic extremism was a direct consequence of disastrous interventionist policies in the Middle East and culturally insensitive laws here in Europe.
We were told that this form of genocidal fascism is merely the last resort of an oppressed minority.
It's all rubbish.
The cause of Islamic extremism is Islamic extremism. Everything else is just a convenient detail for the eunuchs in the West to justify something that baffles them.
Isil is merely the logical conclusion of a brand of expansionist, murderously intolerant Islam which makes the Khmer Rouge look like a book club. In fact, Isil's own brand of cultural Year Zero owes more to the Khmer than it does to the Nazis, who are the most frequently used historical analogy.
Take all the usual weasel words and justifications for the actions of Isil and discount them as reasons for these attacks. We could remove all kuffar from Muslim lands and bulldoze Israel into the sea and it still wouldn't placate Isil.
After all, did they blame the Palestinian situation for the attack on the Eagles of Death Metal gig? No, they targeted that show because it was: "A place where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice." Not only that, but they used religious texts to support and justify their attack.
Moderate Muslims may not like the way their religion is being used, but it is being used nonetheless and the supporters of Isil would be quick to argue that, actually, the 'moderates' are the ones who are betraying the faith.
These are people who still execute anyone accused of sorcery, as do their fellow travellers in explicitly Islamic terror groups such as al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, Boko Haram and the al-Nusra Front.
This is the aspect that Europe's Left is too terrified to confront - Isil and their supporters don't hate us because of geopolitical differences. They hate us because we don't share their religion and they want to bring everyone back to the Bronze Age.
Unreasonable, but not irrational, there is a logic to their actions which, while undoubtedly twisted, is easily understood - convert or die. That remains a concept which a weak-willed West, with all its visceral self-hatred and internecine bickering, is ill-suited to fight.
We can fret about the potential rise of Islamic extremism in this country and fool ourselves into thinking that we are immune. But why should we be uniquely exempt from other European countries?
Extremism doesn't even have to be violent to have an impact. Extremism can be seen in Muslim clerics who, post-'Charlie Hebdo', threatened prosecution of anyone who reprinted the offending cartoons.
Extremism is seen on Irish campuses where Shariah-spouting whackjobs are given a round of applause while anyone espousing liberal, Western values is shouted down as a racist - assuming they are allowed to speak in the first place.
The terrifying truth is not the strength of Isil's convictions, but the weakness of ours.
Put simply, they want it more than we do and until we start to aggressively assert Western values in Western countries, is it any wonder that they despise us?
Frankly, I can't say I blame them.
Acknowledgements: Lifted in its entirety from an article in The Irish Independent by Ian O'Doherty at

Sunday, 15 November 2015

So you "Stand with France"?

Please note: This article was inspired by the LinkedIn post by Peter Coffman, Student at Command and General Staff College

What happened in Paris, France last week was an act of war by Radical Islam against the West. A declaration made by ISIS on behalf of myriad well known terrorist groupings, their franchisees and all their adherents (a significant portion of whom live in the West).

This is not a well defined enemy denoted by geographic borders with a clear set of strategic targets to be overrun to ensure their defeat. The enemy and the objectives which motivate them are mind bending in their complexity and they are global, see a small subset below:

Abu Sayyaf, Philippines; Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, Egypt; Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Gaza Strip and West Bank; Al-Shabaab, Somalia; Al-Qaeda, Global; Ansar al-Islam, Iraq; Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Algeria; Boko Haram, Nigeria; Caucasus Emirate (IK), Russia; East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), China; Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Egypt; Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front (IBDA-C), Turkey; Hamas, Gaza Strip and West Bank; Harkat-ul-Mujahideen al-Alami, Pakistan; Hezbollah, Lebanon; Islamic Movement of Central Asia, Central Asia; Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan; Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Iraq and Syria; Jaish-e-Mohammed, Pakistan and Kashmir; Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna, Iraq; Jemaah Islamiyah, Indonesia; Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan and Kashmir; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Pakistan; Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Philippines; Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, Morocco and Europe; Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Gaza Strip and West Bank; Tawhid and Jihad, Iraq.

And now, caught in a moment of outrage, the public demand action and ask "how has it come to this?"

People would do well to remember the following:

1. You think something should be done about ISIS. Its high time, right? So who is going to do it? You? Probably not. Less than 1% of America joined up to fight in the last 20 years. So remember what it means when you say "we" should go to war. You are sending others.

2. So they go … then two months later, you are into the latest that the Kardashian's are doing. You lose interest. The West does not have the stomach to see it through and leaves early, or the public hamstring the military into unachievable political goals for the sake of appeasement (which never worked before) or (insert random thing here).

3. While the military are there, they will need things. Things like money and lots of it to bring the military to where it needs to be to wage effective war after a decade of cutbacks.  Why? Because the politicians you voted for have stripped down the military and Army to balance the budget (instead of removing funds from more logical areas). The US military was supposed to be able to fight two wars in two places at once. Now they cannot.

4. To tackle the enemy within - Western governments will need greater central powers - mass surveillance, erosion of civil liberties, closure of borders, restrictions on free travel, checkpoints and so on. Powers that must be surrendered by the military and the state when the fight is over. Safeguarding the future of our open societies post conflict is as important as defeating the jihadists thugs.

5. While war is waged, people will die. You may become upset that civilians died, or soldiers, or cats and dogs, or (insert random thing here). Really? It is war. Have realistic expectations and understand that collateral damage is a fact of life during conflict.

6. Free speech for those ISIS apologists, recruiters, illegal immigrant facilitators, anti-war movements and so on must be suppressed during this time. You are either on our side or you are the enemy. These are the standards that have always applied when a nation is fighting for its survival. You cannot "half" wage war.

7. ISIS is one thing, but Russia, China and Iran have been emboldened by the disastrous foreign policy of the Obama administration. The West does not have enough manpower to tackle these adversaries and a global terrorist network - be careful what you mandate your elected representatives to do during this emotional time but most importantly accept that your direct participation may be required.

8. Pay attention and stay informed. You know more about your favourite football team or movie star than you do about how Radical Islam has been allowed to flourish on your doorstep and within your communities. If they succeed - football and the movies is not on the Radical Islamists Sharia playbook of acceptable pastimes for you.

9. The geopolitical imperatives surrounding the problems in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya and the national security impact of the refugee crisis in Europe escape the vast majority of the public. Merkel, Pope Francis and other ultra liberals have compromised your safety and will continue to do so unless they are halted. Get educated on the issues and the real threat that Radical Islam poses to your way of life and allow yourself to make better decisions and comment intelligently without pandering to the most simplistic ultra-liberal lowest common denominator that has landed you in this mess in the first place.

10. And after all of that, if you decide to hobble the military politically and socially instead of concentrating on allowing them to train for and execute a war in a strategic manner, then when the next Paris occurs (and it will - soon and on an ongoing basis) then consider yourself as culpable in this as those crazed radical islamist jihadi gangs who slaughtered hundreds of innocents last week while they sat unarmed in the theatre, restaurant or bar.

Get some perspective. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Erdogan State Sponsored Terrorism - Ankara Bombing

This video shows the moment a blast ripped into a crowd of ‪‎Kurdish‬ innocents holding a ‎peace‬ rally on October 10th, 2015, in ‪‎Ankara‬, ‪‎Turkey‬. Two explosions minutes apart killed 120+ (and rising) people and wounded over 180. ‪

‎Erdogan‬ is a war criminal, mass murderer, radical ‪‎islamist‬ and a ‪‎terrorist‬.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

"I want to fight ISIS. Whom do I reach out to?"

My firm and I have first hand experience of the "volunteer" process regarding, in particular, the fight against ISIS in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) and the other Kurdish cantons that stand between Syria (in theory) and Southern Turkey. 

In our case the groups fighting against ISIS in that area included the YPG (around Al Hasakah), YPJ (no direct involvement as we had no female volunteers), Dwekh Nawsha (Iraqi Assyrian Christian Militia) and elements of the Peshmerga along the border side of the The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) lands predominantly the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq referred to as Iraqi Kurdistan or Southern Kurdistan bordering Iraq and particularly the areas west of Mosul and Duhok and around Sinjar.

The Recruitment Process

This is fraught with danger as from your question it would seem that you have no current points of contact and therefore no independent method of verification of the person(s) with whom you would liaise with. 

There are myriad persons and Facebook pages claiming to be recruiters for various groups. Many are run by European based ex-pats who have little or no coordination skills and are driven by a blind desire to assist the cause of Kurdish independence across the cantons located currently in the sovereign territories of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran which they claim as Greater Kurdistan. 

Additionally, there are many bogus ISIS or ISIS sympathiser accounts masquerading as pro-Kurd recruiters and the fallout from travelling on the say so of one of those is obvious I would have thought. 

Travelling to the Region

In the last 8 months in particular using Turkey, Jordan or Qatar as waypoints to the region for the purposes of participating in the fight is highly risky. 

Bear in mind also that while most countries do not penalise their citizenry for travelling to support the fight against ISIS - countries like Australia make no differentiation and the penalties for doing so - on return - are severe.

The Benefit of Volunteers to Local Western Supported Groups

In mid to late 2014 the foreign volunteers were a valuable PR tool for the Kurdish cause and drawing attention to the issues - reference Jordan Matson, The Lions of Rojava, Gill Rosenberg, Samantha Jay and others. 

This PR angle is well and truly exhausted and as such many volunteers are more of a hindrance than a help to the Kurds in particular, who are the most viable opposition to ISIS in the region of Syria. But remember there are 35/40 million persons who claim Kurdish ethnicity in the region. They do not lack manpower - they lack heavy weapons. 

Joining the Peshmerga is an altogether more complicated matter and I have nothing to add regarding that here. 

Many of the other groups have suffered from fraud scams and media hungry foreign volunteers who have left without improving the situation of the groups they allegedly joined and in many cases having taken monies via GoFundMe campaigns have never handed same to the groups that they were allegedly fundraising for. 


I could write for 50 pages on background and risks and dangers and the naivety of foreigners heading out who have no previous military experience and the fraudsters and the inherent dangers and so on but there are many many articles and many hours of video - most recently BATTLING ISIS by Channel 4 Despatches which will do a much better job of covering those topics than I and which you will find with a simple Google search.   

My opinion: If you have no previous military experience, disaster relief expertise, militia training background, combat medic or other medical experience in a high risk area or conflict zone then do not go. 

If you wish to assist, consider the following options: 
  • Donate to the Kurdish Red Crescent or any other official and authorised charitable bodies helping the people in the region;  
  • Donate to official and authorised charitable bodies assisting the Syrian refugees - both those languishing in dreadful conditions in Turkish and Lebanese refugee camps or those who have transited to Europe and are attempting to cross hostile frontiers to reach Germany, Sweden or the United Kingdom; 
  • Assist those Syrian refugees who have reached your countries;   
  • Lobby your political representatives to change the attitude to formally arming the Western supported militias fighting ISIS in the region with the heavy weaponry they so badly need;  
  • Lobby your political representatives to have the PKK delisted as a proscribed organisation and recognised as a de-facto legitimate armed wing of the Kurdish people actively defending Kurdish civilians from state sponsored Turkish terror and Turkish death squads;  
  • Lobby your political representatives to insist that the nation of Kurdistan is recognised as a sovereign state and that the regions and territories of Bakur, Rojhilat, Basur & Rojava are consolidated under the flag of an independent Kurdistan and their lands returned by those in Turkey, Syria, Iraq & Iran who have for so long denied Kurdish nationhood and terrorised the indigenous populations; 
  • Or lend your time in any other positive ways - from a distance - but in a meaningful and consistent way; 
  • Also and of particular importance - remember that regardless of the wisdom of the decision - that the PKK is a proscribed terrorist organisation according to the powers that be and travelling to assist this group or donating to this group will be accompanied by the obvious repercussions. 
See the VICE NEWS journalists who were arrested and the Iraqi Turkish based journalist and translator Mohammed Ismael Rasool currently on week five in a Turkish prison facing terror charges for simply filming a story on the PKK. 


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Terrorist Technology - Occam's Razor Does Not Apply

An edited and interpreted version will issue end Q4 2015


On June 7, 2014, the Al­Fajr Technical Committee (FTC) released an Android version of its ‘Amn Al­Mujahid (“The Mujahid’s Security”) encryption program. The FTC also announced the launching of its new website –

The FTC was established in September 2012. It is comprised of an unknown number of individuals with various technical backgrounds. In December 2013, the FTC launched the first version of its encryption program ‘Amn Al-Mujahid. ‘Amn Al-Mujahid followed a number of other encryption programs that have been deployed by jihadis in recent years. 

For a comprehensive review of those, see MEMRI’s Inquiry & Analysis report No. 1086, Al-Qaeda’s Embrace Of Encryption Technology – Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden, April 25, 2014. 

Commenting about its new Android app, the FTC wrote on its website: “Your brothers in the Technical Committee, which belongs to Al-Fajr [media] center, were able to write the ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program. 

The ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program is characterized by a strong encryption, and it is the best aid for the brothers since it follows the technological advancements [in the field]. The encryption scheme of the program [can be] easily developed and updated [further] if necessary. That is in addition to the program being able to run on mobile phones. 

Add to that the technological experience… of the brothers in the [Al-Fajr] Technical Committee in the field of encryption, and which made this program more secure. The ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program has been provided with a 4096 bit public key [encryption]… making it the most secure system among the other [encryption] algorithms.” 

To request a full copy of this MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor report, send us an email with the report title, number, and date in the subject line, and include your name, title, organization, and official contact info in the body of the email.

Download Program
b95062036cef340e6954cd0f06f78786 :MD5 730cb6a04b84d2013cebb8a62abe11c61491c2fc :SHA1
Download Manual Only
ae62693fcb1c5888afb5c7892723d8c6 :MD5 d3f432c2a7d734af833c7c907822892f80e5d492 :SHA1
Download Program
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المجاهدامن لالندرويد المجاهدامن RSS READER
ShowMeMyIP .net الفداءشبكة االسالمية الشموخشبكة
الشموخ شبكةعلى الفداء شبكةعلى

3/8/2015 Al Fajr Media Center Technical Committee
f45e480f8fe9463f2a33d3dc3ba4446841a6c6e8 :SHA1
Download Manual Only
16bc3c3fcc12dad1d863db1f714f2188 :MD5 23ee91e025231a06b35ad66af8fed836316f11d1 :SHA1
Download Program
166114338c9c5117cda487b2623e71ab :MD5 af49584c99b4db3a781c56909e646062fb96a63f :SHA1
Download Manual Only
cd883bdf9dd24b6caa65173a866aa81b :MD5 f463969bd838e6fcaba35761d56ee7ed936d6618 :SHA1 

Instructions For Accessing It Via Encrypted URL
Taliban English Magazine
Azan Provides Encryption
The Internet Archive – Based In San Francisco, Used By Online Jihadis To Provide Encryption Lessons For Communicating With Al­Qaeda


In January 2007, Al­Qaeda began to use encryption tools for its online activities, particularly for communication efforts, often utilizing security software based on military grade technology. The goal was to hide messages and to protect data transferred via networks, the Internet, mobile phones, e­ commerce, Bluetooth, and the like. This development was in direct response to various security breaches of its websites over the years by Western government agencies.
The issue of encryption by Al­Qaeda made news following the killing of Osama bin Laden. U.S. intelligence sources reported that much of the material seized at bin Laden's compound was encrypted and stored electronically on computers, laptops, hard drives, and storage devices. In 2009, an Al­Qaeda deputy who was previously Osama bin Laden's secretary, Nasir Al­Wuheishi, discussed the use of encryption software.[1] He said, "For our part, we will make contact with anyone who wants to wage jihad with us, and we will guide him to a suitable means to kill the collaborators and the archons of unbelief – even in his bedroom or workplace. Anyone who wants to give support to [Al­ Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's] operational side and to give tithes [to the organization] can contact us through a special email [set up] for this purpose, using the 'Mujahideen Secrets' software and employing the proper security measures..."[2]
In July 2011, MEMRI published a report, Al­Qaeda's Embrace of Encryption Technology: 2007­2011, which covered the period beginning January 1, 2007, when the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) announced the imminent release of new computer software, Asrar Al­Mujahideen ("Mujahideen Secrets").[3] The promotional material for the software stated that it was "the first Islamic computer program for secure exchange [of information] on the Internet," and noted that it provided users with "the five best encryption algorithms, and with symmetrical encryption keys (256 bit), asymmetrical encryption keys (2048 bit) and data compression [tools]." Since then, in addition to Asrar Al­ Mujahideen, GIMF has released Asrar Al­Dardashah, an encryption plugin for instant messaging (February 2013),[4] and a mobile version of Asrar Al­ Mujahideen (September 2013).[5]
This report traces the development of Al­Qaeda's encryption development efforts from July 2011 to 2014, as well as how the recent NSA leaks by Edward Snowden are impacting Al­Qaeda communications.

Edward Snowden's Impact On Al­Qaeda's And Other Jihadi Organizations' Encrypted 

Over the past few months, U.S. and other Western political, governmental, and military leaders have noted that Al­Qaeda has changed its communications following Edward Snowden's disclosures. Speaking on NBC's Meet the Press on January 19, 2014, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, discussed how the Snowden episode has led Al­Qaeda to change its tactics. He stated: "...[Y]ou have to remember, Al­Qaeda has changed the way they communicate based on this. That puts our soldiers at risk in the field. That's a real dangerous consequence. Nation states have started to make changes that concern us greatly. We're going to have to rebuild whole aspects of operations from our Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines that will cost billions and billions of dollars because the information he stole and gave, which we believe is now in the hands of nation states who are doing something with it. There's no honor in that."[6]

Speaking on CBS's Face the Nation on January 19, 2014, Mike Morell, former deputy CIA director and NSA Surveillance Review Group member, said in reference to the Snowden affair: "So even before I left government in August, we were watching the adversaries change their approach as a result of the disclosures. So they moved very quickly to adjust to the [data] collection that we were doing against them. And I don't know it, but I would imagine my former colleagues are working aggressively to adjust as well."[7]
A November 7, 2013 New York Times article quoted John Sawers, head of Britain's secret service MI6, as saying: "The leaks from Snowden have been very damaging, and they've put our operations at risk... It's clear that our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. Al­Qaeda is lapping it up."

Iain Lobban, director of the U.K.'s Government Communications Headquarters, which provides signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the British government and armed forces told the New York Times that terrorist groups in Afghanistan, South Asia and the Middle East as well as "closer to home" have discussed the Snowden leaks, and that they have assessed "the communications packages they use now and the communication packages they wish to move to... to avoid what they now perceive to be vulnerable communications methods." The newspaper also quoted Andrew Parker, the head of Britain's domestic security agency MI5, as saying that the Snowden leaks had caused "enormous damage" to British security, "handing the

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
advantage to the terrorists."[8]

In fact, many online jihadis have paid attention to what information was revealed by Snowden, in addition to praising him and at the same time issuing warnings for caution about their communications.
Another sign that the Snowden leaks have impacted Al­Qaeda's communications was the March 15, 2014 release of Issue XII of Al­Qaeda's English­language magazine Inspire. Since its launch in 2010, Inspire has been known for its efforts to reach out to potential Western recruits. These efforts appear to have been successful; to date, over 20 young people have been arrested on terrorism­connected charges with copies of Inspire in their possession. Shortly after this issue came out, British Metropolitan Police issued a warning that anyone found reading the magazine could face prosecution.[9]

The latest Inspire­connected arrest was on March 17, 2014, when 20­year­old Nicholas Teausant of California, who according to the affidavit wanted to bomb the Los Angeles subway system, was taken off an Amtrak train in Washington state at the U.S.­Canada border and charged with attempting to provide assistance to Islamic extremists in Syria. He is being accused of exploring ways to support violent extremist activities since October 2013.[10] The affidavit also notes that he had been active on social media and had posted jihad­related content on his Instagram account. According to the indictment, Teausant frequently referred to Inspire; in one incident he became upset by something in it and texted the informant, "We have to do something now!" [11]

Issues I through XI of Inspire provided readers with encryption information for securely contacting the magazine. One of Teausant's Instagram posts includes a photo of his computer screen showing him using the GIMF's Asrar Al­ Mujahideen ("Mujahideen Secrets") encryption software, which Inspire provided to its readers, along with its own encryption key, for readers to communicate with it (this issue, however, announces that AQAP is suspending its email account). In the post, Teausant explains what it is and writes that he can use it to communicate with the Taliban and Inspire: "Lol its Arsar Al­Mujahideen program it allows you to encrypt messages and safly send them to the taliban repersentitives... also allows me to talk to the creators of 'Inspire.'"
On his Instagram account, Teausant explains what "Mujahideen Secrets" software is and how he can use it to communicate with the Taliban and Inspire.

This issue of Inspire, the first since the Edward Snowden affair, includes a focus on Internet security. Most significantly, it notes on the first page, in all­ capital letters: "DUE TO TECHNICAL AND SECURITY REASONS, WE HAVE SUSPENDED OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES TEMPORARILY." Since, as mentioned, Inspire has always provided email addresses and encryption information for readers wishing to contact it, and, as a major part of its outreach efforts, urged readers to write in, its decision to suspend its email is meaningful. 

It is worth noting that this issue includes praise for Snowden, as well as for other Western leakers such as Bradley/Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. It notes under the heading "Questions We Should Be Asking": "If those making blasphemy against Islam have the right to express themselves, why aren't the actions of Assange, Snowden, Manning and Hammond considered freedom of expression?"
The cover story, "Shattered: A Story About Change," by Abu Abdillah Almoravid, who also authored an article in the previous issue of Inspire, focuses on the immoral nature of America and, in another mention of Edward Snowden, how he helped unmask it. It stated: "Obama lied in regard of the NSA program. He asserted it did not spy on its citizens. But every dog has its day, and NSA's day came when the whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the No Secret Agency's dark secrets. The people called for the government to observe the American principles but it did not listen. It abandoned all its privacy policies. This rogue country did not stop at spying on its citizens, it killed them too. Several of its citizens have been targeted in their extra judicial killing program."

Praise for Snowden can also be found in Issue III of the English­language online Taliban magazine Azan, released August 26, 2013. An article in it, titled "The Statue of Liberty Is In Reality The Statue Of Slavery In The Early 21st Century," stated: "Now let's look at the 'freedom' on the other side of the world. The U.S. claims to be the champion of 'freedom' in the world while at the same time running huge internal programs that spy on the personal lives of its own people! Edward Snowden, who was an employee at the NSA (National Security Agency), laid bare the U.S. government's infiltration into the personal email, phone and social media records of its people."[13]
Also following the Snowden leaks, on August 30, 2013, Mula'ib Al­Assinnah, a senior member of the leading jihadi forum Shumoukh Al­Islam warned online jihadis not to use Google's Gmail because Google is part of the National Security Agency (NSA). In his post, titled "What is the Best Free and Most Secure Email [Service]?" Al­Assinnah expressed his astonishment that senior jihadi writers as well as media foundations continue to use Gmail. Wondering why no one has yet to warn online jihadis about this "dangerous" issue, Al­ Assinnah wrote: "[T]his is one aspect where I have recently noticed the brothers to be regressing and lax in their attention to security... I would like to ask the experts what is the best website that offers free and secure email services." Responding to Al­Assinnah's post, Abu Safiyyah, another senior member of the forum, stated that using the Asrar Al­Mujahideen ("Mujahideen Secrets") encryption software in conjunction with identity concealment software represented the key precautionary measures in terms of communications.[14]

Al­Qaeda Media Wing Al­Sahab Moves To Using Encryption With Israel­Based Company
On April 9, 2014, Al­Qaeda's media wing Al­Sahab announced an upcoming open interview with Maulana Asim Umar, head of the Al­Qaeda Shari'a Committee in Pakistan. The announcement said that people could submit questions in Urdu, Arabic, English or Pashto, and included both a Yahoo and a Safe­ email address to where questions could be sent. 4/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
Safe­mail, which according to its WHOIS and to a January 31, 2014 Forbes report is based in Israel, bills itself as "the most secure, easy to use communication system. It includes encrypted mail system with collaboration features and document storage functions. Always accessible at any time from anywhere!" It also states that "Safe­mail is designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any complexity. Banks, law firms, health care, accountants and similar professional organizations will not provide security unless requested by you! Remember, your information is yours only. Your privacy is at risk when you communicate. Do not do business with any of the above unless your valuable information is protected!"[15]

Al­Fajr Technical Committee Releases New Encryption Program
On December 10, 2013 a new encryption program called 'Amn Al­Mujahid ("The Mujahid's Security") was released on top jihadi forums. The entity behind the release was the Al­Fajr Technical Committee (FTC).
The FTC, established in September 2012, aims to develop and improve jihadis' technical knowledge and capabilities to achieve superiority over the enemy in media and propaganda. Previously, the group had stated that it operates openly and that jihadis can contact it via its accredited accounts on the Al­ Fida' and Shumoukh Al­Islam jihadi forums.[16]

'Amn Al­Mujahid is the latest addition to the list of encryption programs used by jihadis, including for instant messaging[17] and for use with mobile phones.[18] Until the FTC released this program, the leading group developing and releasing encryption programs has been the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), whose Asrar Al­Mujahideen ("Mujahideen Secrets") was first released in 2007 and has been updated several times since. There were, however, other "not trusted" attempts at encryption programs for jihadis; the use of them is generally warned against and thwarted. For example, two weeks previously, a jihadi forum associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al­ Sham (ISIS) released an encryption program called Asrar Al­Ghurabaa'. Shortly thereafter, however, the GIMF warned jihadis against using it, calling it "not trusted."[19] Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' was allegedly developed by ISIS members and their supporters.[20]

The 'Amn Al­Mujahid program uses public­key cryptography, and is Windows OS based. It has Arabic and English versions.[21]
The Al­Qaeda­affiliated Al­Fajr Media Company announced the establishment of its Technical Committee on September 17, 2012, to handle technical issues for Al­Qaeda's two trusted forums, Al­Fida' and Shumoukh Al­Islam. The committee was aimed at working with online jihadis to develop and improve their technical knowledge and capabilities, and to surpassing the enemy in media and propaganda.
The committee, which apparently comprises a cadre of Al­Fajr technical experts, was to operate overtly. Individuals can contact them via private messages on these forums, or via other means that Al­Fajr said that it would disclose. The committee also aimed to organize the work of the technical 5/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
subsections on these forums, in addition to developing and designing encryption software, inter alia.[22]
The first use of the new 'Amn Al­Mujahid encryption software by another online jihadi group was in Issue 53 of the online Al­Waqi' magazine, which was released on December 30, 2013. The magazine provided its public key to those wishing to contact it, using the encryption program (in contrast to the usual use of Asrar Al­Mujahideen), and also provided a Yahoo email address.

Islamic State Of Iraq And Al­Sham (ISIS) Launches Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' – The First Website For Secure Communication – To Rival Asrar Al­Mujahideen By GIMF

On November 27, 2013, an announcement was made on Shabakat Al­Iraq Wal­Sham, a jihadi forum associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al­ Sham (ISIS), of the launch of the Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' project. The project, which, according to the announcement, was launched by the ISIS mujahideen and their supporters, facilitates the exchange of secure communications among individuals.
Asrar Al­Ghurabaa', which is a play on the name of Asrar Al­Mujahideen – the GIMF's flagship encryption program used by Al­Qaeda affiliates and their supporters – is based on a webpage ( that allows jihadis to encrypt and decrypt messages. The webpage, however, does not provide a means of transmitting those messages, but only of encryption and decryption. Messages must be sent by other means, such as email, instant messaging, and the like.
According to its developers, Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' is more accurate, secure, and user friendly than Asrar Al­Mujahideen, and was conceived with the help of "specialist brothers" who contributed their ideas. It requires no software download or installation, which eliminates one of the major drawbacks of Asrar Al­Mujahideen – that is, the risk of downloading infected or missing files. 6/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
Other features of the new Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' project, according to the announcement, is that it uses a special or unique encryption algorithm. It is not clear exactly what that means, but it could mean that it uses a proprietary encryption algorithm. If this is the case, then Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' might not offer the secrecy that it claims. The use of proprietary encryption algorithms is generally avoided in cryptography due to the relative weakness of such algorithms in the face of an attack. Moreover, the strength of a given encryption scheme is based on the secrecy of its key rather than that of the algorithm. Trusted algorithms are those that have undergone and withstood public review and extensive testing.

Additionally, Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' can be accessed from practically anywhere with an Internet connection, including on mobile phones. This poses yet another security issue for its users, due to the possibility that they could be tracked when visiting the webpage. It is noteworthy that the webpage of Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' is accessible via Tor, and its encryption/decryption features function seem to be normal in that environment.[23]

Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF): Don't Trust Asrar Al­Ghurabaa'; Releases Asrar Al­Mujahideen Encryption Software For Mac, Mobiles; Warns Of Fakes

GIMF Warns Against Using Rival Encryption Software Asrar Al­ Ghurabaa'

The GIMF, creator of Asrar Al­Mujahideen, released a statement warning jihadis against using Asrar Al­Ghurabaa', promising jihadis the means to exchange secure communications with each other.[24] Calling Asrar Al­ Ghurabaa' suspicious and saying that its source was not trusted, it further noted that there was no relationship between Asrar Al­Ghurabaa' program and GIMF's own Asrar Al­Mujahideen. GIMF also warned jihadis against using any encryption program whatsoever that was not released by the Al­Fajr media center or by the GIMF itself.[25]

The following are details on GIMF's further development and release of additional encryption software.

Jihadi Forum Post: Tutorial On Installing And Running Asrar Al­ Mujahideen Encryption Program On Mac OS
On October 19, 2013, a tutorial on how to install and run GIMF's Asrar Al­ Mujahideen encryption program on Mac OS was posted on the Al­Fida' forum. The tutorial, posted on Al­Fida' by one "fady mokhtar," included step­by­step instructions for installing and running Asrar Al­Mujahideen on Mac OS using CrossOver, a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer for Mac users.[26] 7/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden

GIMF Releases Mobile Encryption Program For Secure Communication Between Jihadis
On September 4, 2013, the GIMF released a new encryption program which provides a secure and safe environment for jihadis to exchange text messages, files, and emails via Android and Symbian­supported cellphones.
According to GIMF, some of the special characteristics of its newly­released Mobile Encryption Program are its ability to provide the highest level of encryption available to exchange text messages via cellphone and to send encrypted files via email and instant messages by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Moreover, the program supports digital fingerprint, has the ability to send 400 character­long SMS messages in Arabic and English, works with most email providers, doesn't allow access without providing a password, and has the ability to send and receive encrypted messages from Android­ supported cellphones. This last feature, the statement said, is not available in similar applications available from well­known companies. GIMF published links to its website which provide detailed instructions on how to download and set up this program.

In return, jihadis have expressed jubilation about the new technology at their disposal and hailed GIMF's efforts on the matter. One jihadi on the Shumoukh Al­Islam forum offered a step­by­step tutorial on installing the software on a user's cellphone.[27]
Following is the original English­language announcement from GIMF's official website regarding the Mobile Encryption Program:[28]
"...In light of the growing need to protect privacy and to escape from the repressive police regulations, your brothers in the Technical Department of the Global Islamic Media Front are pleased to present to the Islamic Ummah in general and the Mujahideen and Ansar of Jihad in particular, the mobile encryption program. This program features asymmetrical encryption, along with the ability to encrypt SMS and files, sending and receiving emails, and receiving messages effectively and efficiently with the use of advanced techniques to maintain security and privacy, both during sending and receiving, or when saving messages. We announce that this program, like all the sites and programs that we develop, is the property of all Muslims...

"The mobile encryption program offers the highest levels of encryption for secure communication through SMS along with the ability to send encrypted files through email. It is the first Islamic encryption program for mobiles and secures communications with the greatest degree of secrecy based on the highest standards reached by cryptography and the engineering of digital communications.
"The program uses the cryptographic algorithm Twofish with cipher block chaining which has the same strength as the algorithm for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It uses elliptic curve encryption in exchanging keys with the keys encoded to 192­bit length. It was necessary to use elliptic curve encryption instead of the base encryption RSA because it is very long, and it's not possible to store it in SMS nor use it with the Bouncy Castle libraries which use algorithms and methods of encryption with tested 8/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
capabilities proven to be effective. This library does permit developers to change the random algorithms to protect against any misuse or abuse.

"The program supports digital fingerprints, so any user can display a digital fingerprint for his public key. Of course, it's possible to send the fingerprint or publish it to assure recipients of the public key. All encrypted files have a digital fingerprint, and the program uses them when decrypting to verify the file has not been tampered with. This fingerprint can be published to confirm to the recipients that the file is sound. The block chaining cipher mentioned above is very important to encrypt the files because if someone tried to tamper with any digital file, the file becomes corrupt when trying to decrypt it.

"Also among the characteristics of the program is the ability to send SMS of 400 characters in length in Arabic and English. The program works with a number of languages, and it can send encrypted files between two mobiles differing in language settings without problem with the ability to send encrypted files through email with the use of SSL and can add port settings to support SMTP and POP3. The program works with most email hosting providers.

"Furthermore, one cannot access and use the program without entering a password. Storage inside the program is encrypted as is the storing of private addresses in the program, as the addresses found on the mobile can't be accessed. The program does not allow sending messages that are unencrypted to a recipient who has been added, so if the user did not receive a public key, this means that it's not possible to encrypt a message, and the program does not allow sending a message unencrypted to protect the user.
"Lastly, among the most important features of the program is the ability to send and receive encrypted messages with Android mobiles and vice versa, and this feature is not available even in the most important similar applications which are programmed by well­known companies.

"Therefore, the mobile encryption program is the best means for instant communication through SMS and encrypted files through email between the two users. It offers a level of encryption that cannot be undone or broken and can be relied upon to protect the confidentiality of communication..."[29]

GIMF Releases Encryption Software For Instant Messaging
On February 6, 2013, the GIMF released Asrar Al­Dardashah, an encryption plugin for instant messaging, on the top jihad forums, as well as on its official website ( Asrar Al­Dardashah relies on Asrar Al­Mujahideen, GIMF's primary encryption program that the former released back in 2007.

Video tutorials, in Arabic and English, linking to YouTube were provided on the GIMF website. Tutorials were also provided in German, Urdu, Indonesian, Pashtu and Bangla. It is noteworthy that previously, GIMF had relied on various blogs to disseminate its material, such as the now­defunct or, which contained the group's public key for use in encrypted communication. GIMF's current website is hosted by the Singapore­based M1 Connect Pte. Ltd. Its Whois information is registered with Network Solutions as follows:

Administrative Contact:
Domain, John
[email protected]
ATTN GIMFMEDIA.COM care of Network Solutions PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222 9/26

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
Phone: 570­708­8780

Technical Contact:
Domain, John
[email protected]
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222
Phone: 570­708­8780
Record expires on 16­Apr­2013
Record created on 16­Apr­2012 Database last updated on 16­Apr­2012

The welcome message states: "Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings. All praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who follow him. Thereafter: This website is the result of the efforts and work of the unknown sincere loyal soldiers – as we consider them, and Allah is their Reckoner – who have worked their hardest in order to present the best things possible to their Ummah. They have done everything they can regardless of the weakness of their capabilities. Despite that, their work was of concern to their enemies and given thanks and prayers by their beloved ones. They ensured their knowledge and work supported their Mujahideen brothers and stood like an impenetrable wall in front of the cyberwar associated with the Crusader military campaign by their enemies. With this, they work under conditions where much work cannot be done. We ask Allah to reward them with the greatest of rewards. This website is the technical arm of the Global Islamic Media Front, and therefore it is a reference for all Muslims who can benefit from it. Without a doubt, it is a small kernel which we will work on to grow larger in the time ahead, Allah the Almighty willing. We ask Muslims upon whom Allah has bestowed the knowledge to know how to promote this website to offer what can benefit their Ummah generally and the Mujahideen particularly. Your brothers in the Global Islamic Media Front Technical Department"

The website also includes contact information, as follows:

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
With the new Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin, GIMF promised "secure correspondence" that is "highly technical in encryption [and] that is above globally existing levels of encryption." The technology, it said, would enable secure communications based on the "highest standards reached by cryptography and digital telecommunications engineering." Asrar Al­Dardashah uses the Pidgin chat client, as the latter supports multiple chat platforms, including Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, and Jabber/XMPP.

GIMF said it had decided to play a leading role in the media battle between the mujahideen and their enemies, while sparing "no effort" in offering support to the mujahideen.

Following is the original English announcement regarding Asrar Al­Dardashah from the GIMF's official website:[30]
"...The ummah is suffering from the weakness and shortcomings of the media. This has not been for a short time, but instead a long period. We believe that this weakness was created on purpose by the regimes that rule the lands of the Muslims, for the Islamic world possesses many material capabilities and factors, but, despite that, there is great scientific delay. The reason for this is the intentional plan to keep those tyrants' control over their oppressed peoples and [to] keep the children of the ummah away from all that would achieve a true renaissance in the Islamic ummah. Therefore, they have not expressed any interest in promoting the media in the required manner.

"The jihadi media – which is the principal arm for speaking on behalf of the mujahideen all over the world – shared in the weakness of the media due to the war that was and is still being exercised against it, whether by the Crusader campaign from the West or the rulers who betray their Islamic peoples. For many of the works of the mujahideen have been lost and did not appear in the right way to the world, especially in the war of the mujahideen against the Soviet Union, Bosnia, and other [enemies on] jihadi front lines.
"With the appearance of the internet, this became an important new means for the mujahideen to be able to express themselves and deliver their word. There is no doubt that they have used it well, despite the lack of capabilities they have, and even with the pursuit, trials, and criminalization by unjust governments. Yet despite all of this, the mujahideen have been victorious in the media war against the West. In March 2006, Eric Clark, the official spokesperson for the American Central Command, acknowledged that the Al­ Qaeda organization won the media war against the United States, and he clarified that Al­Qaeda works through the Internet to provide a new technical level and harness it for its use. This represents the driving force of those who mobilize everywhere in order to extol a specific concept for the Islamic world's opinion, and even the world.

"Therefore, we still say that the youth of the ummah were endowed by Allah with the knowledge to know to support this religion with all the knowledge they were given, and that this support reaches an individual duty that is fulfilled only by doing it. Therefore, every sincere Muslim who wishes to support his ummah in this Crusader war led by America, and in which it is aided by the Islamic world's rulers, should not delay in offering support to the mujahideen and the available means of communication, praise be to Allah.
"Allah has facilitated in this media battle that the Global Islamic Media Front be the spearhead in this battle, and has resolved to spare no effort in offering

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
support to the mujahideen. Allah has facilitated in the technical field its designing of the program Asrar Al­Mujahideen. It is a program for encrypted text conversations, thereby recording a distinct development in jihadi media. In extension of this path, today, they announce the designing of an 'Islamic Encryption Plugin' for the encryption of text conversations directly through the Internet through chat programs.

"And, in conclusion of this introduction, we thank all the brothers who programmed this plugin, and [pray] to make their work be in the path of Allah and [that He] grant them a reward for all who helped or benefited this work in the path of Allah. Likewise, we are honored to dedicate this work to the martyrs – with Allah's permission – of the jihadi media, who wrote pages of light along the journey of the jihadi media, and especially among them the brother Seif Al­Din Al­Kanani, may Allah have mercy on him; and the brother Abu Dujana Al­Khorasani, may Allah have mercy on him; and the brother Abu 'Omar Al­Pakistani, may Allah have mercy on him. We dedicate this to all of the media foundations and to all the prisoners from the jihadi media, may Allah release them.

"Asrar Al­Dardashah offers the highest levels of encryption for secure communication through instant messaging. It is the first Islamic encryption plugin which relies upon the Islamic encryption program Asrar Al­Mujahideen for secure correspondence through networks. It is highly technical in encryption that is above globally existing levels of encryption [and] which secures communications with the greatest degree of secrecy, and is based on the highest standards reached by cryptography and digital telecommunications engineering.
"The Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin supports most of the languages in the world through the use of Unicode encoding, including Arabic, English, Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, and Indonesian. The plugin is easy and quick to use, and, like its counterpart, the Asrar Al­Mujahideen program, it uses the technical algorithm RSA for asymmetric encryption, which is based [on] a pair of interrelated keys: a public key allocated for encrypting and a private key used for decrypting. To use the plugin, both of the communicating parties should install and activate the plugin and produce and import the Asrar Al­Mujahideen private key into the Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin, which automatically produces the corresponding public key of 2048­bit­length for use. When Asrar Al­ Dardashah is activated by the two parties, the plugin automatically exchanges the public keys and activates RSA encryption. The users can confirm their public keys before the chat [commences], in order to prevent man­in­the­ middle attacks, and [can] confirm that they are speaking with the desired person by comparing their Public Key Fingerprints through another channel.

"The Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin is small in size and installs in seconds for use with the program Pidgin for instant messaging. Pidgin was chose[n] because it supports many of the protocols and networks for instant messaging, including Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, and Jabber/XMPP.

"The Asrar al­Dardashah Plugin has many features: Firstly, it is easy to use and only requires exchanging the Key Fingerprint to confirm the integrity of the each public key. Afterwards, using the plugin is quick and easy. Secondly, Asrar Al­Dardashah does not require any special technology or expertise. Nor does it require the installation of complex files or long text that can be corrupted. All a user has to do is activate the plugin by clicking on the plugin's icon to turn on encryption. Then, the plugin automatically encrypts the communication without any other effort on the part of the user.
"Thirdly, the Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin is trusted for use in secure communication, due to its reliance on the Asrar Al­Mujahideen encryption program, which, for several years, has been the only reliable and safe program for use in the communications of the mujahideen and the Ansar. Therefore, the Asrar Al­Dardashah plugin is the most preferred means for secure instant messaging between users. It offers a level of encryption which has not been cracked or broken and can be relied upon entirely to protect the confidentiality of sensitive communication[s]."[31]
GIMF Warns Of Fake Jihadi Encryption Software
On April 24, 2012, the GIMF posted a message on jihadi forums urging its members not to spread rumors about it. Al­Shabab had been experiencing internal problems, after one of its operatives, the American 'Omar Hammami, aka Abu Mansour Al­Amriki, released a video claiming that elements in the group were trying to have him killed,[32] and after Hassan Dhaher Aweys, head of the Somali opposition group Hizb Al­Islami, dissolved his movement's union with Al­Shabab.

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
The message also reiterated its warning (from December 2011) that a fake version of the encryption program Asrar Al­Mujahideen has been distributed on the Ushaq Al­Hur Al­Islamiyya website; and added that a newer version of program will soon be released online.
The following are excerpts:
"We have received many messages about certain issues in Somalia and news reports that had been leaked, regarding which we wish to clarify:

"1) Al­Shabab Al­Mujahideen is a jihad movement which has been vouched for by jihad leaders throughout the world. [Moreover, religious] scholars have confirmed the soundness of its doctrine and faith, as reflected by its efforts to implement Allah's law, by its statements, and by its allegiances and enmities, which conform to Allah's [directives]. Everyone has testified that it wields power [in Somalia], and that the Muslim people of Somalia are united in their support for it.
"2) A short while ago, [GIMF] announced [the holding of an online] conference with [Al­Shabab spokesman] sheikh 'Ali Dheere, may Allah protect him. This conference was open to all questions, and indeed many questions were asked regarding the jihad in Somalia and the situation of the mujahideen and the muhajirun [i.e., people who come from abroad to wage jihad]. We are waiting for Al­Kataib [Al­Shabab's media company] to publish the answers.
"[In the meantime], we forbid the spreading of any false or untrustworthy reports regarding anything to do with Somalia. We advise our brothers [the members of the jihadi forums] not to help the US State Department's Digital Outreach Team that has been charged with the task of defaming Islam and the mujahideen everywhere."[33]

GIMF Warns About Fake Download Of "Asrar Al­Mujahideen" Encryption Software

On December 15, 2011, the jihadi forum Shumoukh Al­Islam posted "an important and urgent warning" issued by the GIMF regarding a dangerous download that has been distributed on the website 'Ushaq Al­Hour Al­ Islamiyya. The message explains that the download is described as a new version of the encryption program "Asrar Al­Mujahideen" (Mujahideen Secrets), but is in fact a Trojan horse, and adds that no new version of this encryption program has been distributed since "Asrar Al­Mujahideen 2.0" was launched several years ago by the website Al­Ikhlas Al­Islami.

GIMF states further that many intelligence agencies have attempted to create fake copies of the "Asrar Al­Mujahideen" program, but have not succeeded. Nevertheless, it warns the readers not to rely on the encryption program alone, because "if the enemy cracks it, everything is revealed to him: he can read the encrypted message and even take over the computer and all the files in it, as he wishes." Therefore, the mujahideen are advised to "use the best and safest systems, as well as a firewall and keyboard encryption software."
GIMF concludes by warning that no message regarding "Asrar Al­Mujahideen" should be considered authentic unless it is issued by GIMF itself or by the Al­ Fajr media company, and promises that new downloads of "Asrar Al­ Mujahideen" will be released soon.[34]
Syrian Al­Qaeda Affiliate Jabhat Al­Nusra Announces New Twitter Account, Gains Over 24,000 Followers Within First Days; Provides Encryption Key

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
On August 25, 2013, the Syrian jihadi group and Al­Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al­ Nusra (JN) announced its new official account on Twitter (@JbhtAnNusrah). Within 24 hours, the group's Twitter account had over 24,000 followers.
JN first appeared on Twitter in June 2012 under the name @JbhatALnusra; that account had over 76 thousand followers, with its last tweet on April 9, 2013.

In announcing its new Twitter account, JN thanked all of those who supported it and assisted it in disseminating its material. It also urged everyone to show additional support, since, it said, the battle is at its fiercest stage.
In its communique, JN said that its Twitter account will be the only official source for the group's media and military­related statements, audio and video productions, and official statements. JN also reiterated that its materials are also published via its accredited account on the Shumoukh Al­Islam, Al­Fida', and Ansar Al­Mujahideen jihadi forums.
JN said also that it currently has no official website or forum of its own, and it does not have an official Facebook page.

Those previous outlets, said the communique, are used only for releasing JN's media­related work, and will not be accepted as means to making any military, administrative, or other arrangements between JN and other militant groups.
JN also welcomed any media­related comments or advice, and provided its Public Key for secure communication with it via Asrar Al­Mujahideen second edition encryption software, as follows:
#­­­Begin Al­Ekhlaas Network ASRAR El Moujahedeen V2.0 Public Key 2048 bit­­­
pyHAvxLyDd5+yM1Cge+tLqge61nPtqtFcX04C2dG1DnLoCJLm1 s9UqhU5BvCdz0m1gg1cnAr6je9P8UdookCqISaf1baEK8g4ehN A/1tsWRXtkNBX+tnGsOjmyMZOSjigagpi3Y4/kPAtGldznWcdj ZcGJ9HwCxEnNxQIj730GBpi7gxoYyVpi7EAr/dFHenbrOIU8Qg dQ+YpjOk25DxPfGPq2mbwLB+1gG3bkayifvtK+GNxYn+UWlEF3 akEzZr1XbN8A3C2dpuazlR4qd00/lLmlL4JM+1X9Nh2vLKU3RB OFiTXQFHDZnvHLanRmH5kRNxTGQoOMcFbh1c/3XaQi6f4XHc0I MJQd8I7dnMTawOM+LBRMs55oVtiFs7FlLWwMTPWXhYnuWRw32L 6g/3wwjGDb3VY7B8cAnGqukQN6IVVF7wTM1ourHBN6KFsb5zBC kWYx0Tlg2icA9JT4EynBFn1DQw7YO4hGD7hAo1ReLlqeEWYOOO FplP25CDwcYVsW7h7Aj4iV1GVDCTAwiLPKzwglZYGFsXeYm9y7 SaXopGjeHNS/07hz7P7fmKqA==
#­­­End Al­Ekhlaas Network ASRAR El Moujahedeen V2.0 Public Key 2048 bit­­ ­[35]

Ansar Al­Mujadideen Arabic Forum (AMAF): Praise For Hacks Against American Websites And Offers Of Hacking Lessons; Lessons On Encryption, Tor; Quotes By AQAP Leader
On January 2013, it was reported that several American websites were hacked

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
by one Abu Ubayda Al­Masri ("Abu Ubayda the Egyptian"). The message he left on the websites, which appear to have been chosen at random, stated that the attack marked the anniversary of the December 30, 2009 suicide bombing by Humam Al­Balawi, aka Abu Dujana Al­Khurasani, against CIA and Jordanian intelligence personnel near Khost, Afghanistan.
Al­Masri's cyber­attacks were praised on leading jihadi forums, including on Ansar Al­Mujahideen Arabic Forum (AMAF). On that forum, one Abu Jafar welcomed the attacks on the "American Crusader" websites. Interestingly, Abu Jafar complained to fellow forum members that his Facebook account, where he had posted the news of the hacking, had been shut down four times due to his posting of this information. Abu Jafar also asked fellow members for help in accessing his blocked Facebook pages, or, alternatively, for information on protecting his account from any future deletion. He also offered his services to jihadi forum members, saying that he was willing to start a workshop on "device hacking, encryption, and [computer] programming." He added that he was still a novice hacker, having begun doing so less than a month previously. [36]

Hacking has been used by pro­jihad and anti­American hackers to make political statements, and also has been used to express rivalries amongst Muslims themselves.[37]

AMAF's Twitter account (@as_ansar), which was opened April 13, 2012[38] prominently featured next to its official logo a link to a YouTube video in which Abu Hurayrah, an Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader, praises online jihadi forums, including AMAF.
Ansar al­Mujahideen Twitter Homepage

Abu Hurayrah stated in the video: "The enemies of the Muslims are taking the true and clear facts from jihadi forums on the Internet."[39] The video also provides very specific instructions on installing Tor, a program designed to hide the user's identity online.[40] In fact, the video concludes with a warning not to access the AMAF website without installing Tor.[41]

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
Abu Hurayrah al­Sana'i praising jihadi Internet forums; [42] screenshot of Tor program from AMAF instructional video[43]
Screenshot from AMAF instructional video on how to access the main forum;[44] instructions offered to users at the end of the instructional video[45]

Pakistan­Based Jihadi Organization Lashkar­e­Taiba Uses Exclusive Skype­Type Application To Plan Terror Attacks
An Indian media report in December 2012 reported on the Pakistan­based jihadi organization Lashkar­e­Taiba (LeT) using an exclusive Skype­type application developed by Pakistani military's Inter­Services Intelligence (ISI) to plan terror attacks:
"The increasing use of an exclusive and underground Voice­over­Internet Protocol (VoIP) application by suspected terrorists has sent alarm bells ringing among the Indian security establishment which believes it to be a creation of the Pakistani spy agency ISI.
"The clandestine, Skype­like application being used by suspected terrorists is hosted on anonymous servers, hidden behind security walls that operate underground and cannot be intercepted through legal means. 'The only way to intercept these conversations is to hack them, but they are highly secured due to high­grade encryption. We are finding it difficult to crack it,' said a security official.

"The recent annual meeting of the Directors General of Police (DGPs) [in New Delhi] was told that this anonymous platform was probably developed by the ISI for communication between terror outfit Lashkar­e­Taiba (LeT) cadres and their handlers. The access to platform is restricted to those who have been allotted a login and password, according to officials familiar with the developments.
"Terrorists often communicate over internet­based platforms, intercepting which has been part of anti­terror interventions. The 26/11 Mumbai attack [of November 26, 2008] was first major operation where the 10 member LeT attack squad effectively used VoIP to remain in touch with their handlers sitting in Karachi.

"[The Pakistan­backed terror group] Indian Mujahideen's top operative Yasin Bhatkal, while sitting in Nepal, was using VoIP platforms to contact his associate Riyaz Bhatkal, who is in Karachi, Pakistan. The ISI developed VoIP service has been in use for more than a year. 'There are software available to develop private and exclusive VoIP service. It is quite possible that the ISI may have tweaked the software to suit its requirements. Such kind of service is always distributed on many servers and kept anonymous. Usually security layers of VPN or virtual private network and proxy tunnels are used as an additional security,' says Dhruv Soi, director of Torrid Networks, a cyber­ security company."[46]

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden

Al­Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP): Inspire Magazine And Other Publications Utilization of Encryption Technologies
Al­Qaeda's Emerging Leader: Nasir Al­Wuhayshi – Promotes Encryption Technology

August 2013's unprecedented terror alert and subsequent shutdown of U.S. embassies across the Middle East and Africa were triggered by intercepted communications between Al­Qaeda leader Al­Zawahiri and his newly appointed "general manager" and second­in­command, Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Nasir Al­Wuhayshi, aka Abu Basir, about plans for a major terror attack. The terror plot, as it turned out, was not ordered by Al­ Zawahiri, as first reported, but was proposed by Al­Wuhayshi and approved by Al­Zawahiri.[47]
The Yemen­born Al­Wuhayshi, leader of the Yemen­based AQAP, won his reputation as a fighter in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, and was personal secretary to, and remained close to, Osama bin Laden. After fleeing to Iran from Tora Bora in 2001, he was arrested there and deported back to Yemen, where he was imprisoned until his escape in 2006 and his reemergence to establish and head AQAP in 2009. He has significant ties to Al­Zawahiri, and was one of the first leaders to express his approval of him and pledge his loyalty to him as Al­Qaeda leader following Osama bin Laden's killing. He has been a major target of the U.S. for years, and has been reported killed a number of times.

At 36, Al­Wuhayshi represents the next generation of the Al­Qaeda leadership; he is Internet savvy, and for the past five years has been 
actively bringing the philosophy of independent jihad and lone wolf attacks in the West directly to readers of Al­Qaeda's Internet forums, as he has openly and actively helped to create and grow Al­Qaeda's cyber army on these sites. These efforts have included providing email addresses for potential Western recruits of Al­Qaeda to contact Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and even providing encryption codes to be used for the messages.

"Make the explosives into a bomb that you can throw, set off with a timer, explode by remote, or make them into an explosives belt; or you can put them in any electronic device, like a digital recorder in which you hear the tunes of explosions, or in a photo album, a folder, or an envelope. Explode them on any taghut,[48] spy nest, Emir, minister, or Crusader, wherever you find them.
"Likewise, [you should explode them] in the airports of the Western Crusader countries that have taken part in the war against the Muslims, or in their planes, on their residential blocks, or in their subways, and so on. There is always a stratagem [to be found] if you think and rely on Allah, and have no fear of it being discovered after you have hidden it well. By the power of Allah, it cannot be discovered. Recite invocations of Allah for it..."

"For our part, we will make contact with anyone who wants to wage jihad with us, and we will guide him to a suitable means to kill the collaborators and the archons of unbelief – even in his bedroom or workplace.
"Anyone who wants to give support to [AQAP's] operational side and to give tithes [to the organization] can contact us through a special email [set up] for this purpose, using the 'Mujahideen Secrets' [i.e. Asrar Al­Mujahideen] software[49] and employing the proper security measures..." The article then provides the email address through which AQAP may be contacted and an encryption key, with the advisory that only emails using 'Mujahideen Secrets' will be accepted.[50]

AQAP Announces Termination Of Its Online Recruitment Campaign For Security Reasons

On March 3, 2013, AQAP announced that it is discontinuing its "Convoys of Martyrs" campaign for the online recruitment of fighters and suicide bombers. The campaign, launched in June 2012, enabled applicants to contact AQAP using an encryption program and offer themselves as operatives.[51]
The termination announcement was posted on the jihadi forum on behalf of AQAP's military command. It states that the project has been discontinued for security reasons, and instructs members already in contact with AQAP to cease their email communications with it.[52]

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden

Issue X Of 'Inspire,' AQAP's English­Language Magazine, Provides Encryption Codes For Recruits
Late on February 28, 2013, the jihadi forum Al­Fida' released Issue X of the English­language Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) magazine Inspire.

The first page of the issue features images of all the covers of previous issues, along with the date "Spring 2013" and text reading "More Coming Soon From Inspire." This page appears to have been intended as a preview.
As in previous issues, there is an emphasis on "lone­wolf jihad."[53]
This issue's table of contents, on Page 1, notes that the magazine has a new email address: "Note the change in our public key – [email protected] and [email protected] "

It is noteworthy that since the release of the magazine's last issue, in May 2012, many of the AQAP leaders who have appeared in previous issues have been killed.
As in every other issue of Inspire, this issue too includes a "How To Communicate With Us" section, on page 59. The page gives the magazine's new email address, and provides readers with Asrar Al­Mujahideen 2.0 encryption coding[54]. A newer version of this encryption software was released just weeks ago.[55]

AQAP Releases "Mujahid Pocketbook" For Lone Wolves Living In West, U.S.

On March 2, 2013, the Al­Malahem Foundation, the media wing of Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAO) released an exclusive publication titled "Lone Mujahid Pocketbook." According its cover page, the publication is "a step to step [sic] guide on how to become a successful lone mujahid." The contents of the guide, which was published on the leading jihadi forum Al­Fida', have been gleaned from previous issues of AQAP's English­language magazine Inspire, the last issue of which was released two days previously. [56]
In its 64 pages, the guide provides detailed instructions on how to torch parked vehicles, cause car accidents, start forest fires, destroy buildings, and make bombs using household materials.

One section of the guide, titled "Classical Irahb [sic]," or "Classical Terror," deals with different types of firearms, offering tips on their effective use, while its "Special Consultancy" section provides, among other things, advice to "lone mujahideen" living in the U.S. on how they can guard themselves against law enforcement authorities while conducting terror operations. Other ideas presented in this section include "guidance for those who are willing to help in the global jihad," such as doctors, who are encouraged to create lethal poison, including anthrax, and journalists, who are encouraged to exploit their position in order to provide the mujahideen with surveillance reports. The same section also covers how a mujahid can safely communicate with other individuals by using the "Asrar Al­Mujahideen"[57] encryption program.[58]

AQAP Releases Issues VIII And IX Of Its English­Language Magazine

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
Inspire Provides Encryption Code
On May 2, 2012, AQAP released Issues VIII (Fall 2011, 63 pp) and IX, (Winter 2012, 62 pp) of its English­language online magazine Inspire, on the main jihadi forums Shumoukh Al­Islam and Al­Fida'. These issues are dedicated to U.S.­born Al­Qaeda leader Anwar Al­Awlaki and to his protégée and fellow American jihadi Samir Khan (killed September 2011 in Yemen in a U.S. drone strike), including writings and statements by them and by others about them.
As in previous issues, Issues VIII and IX offer readers encryption codes for directly contacting the magazine.[59] They also notify readers, in several places, that the magazine has changed its public encryption code.
Inspire IX Article Provides Encryption Contact Information
The ninth issue of the English­language magazine Inspire, issued by Al­Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), includes an article titled "The Convoy of Martyrs: Rise Up and Board with Us," which provides instructions for individuals wishing to carry out lone wolf jihad attacks. The article instructs candidates to send basic information about themselves to AQAP's "military committee," which will help them in planning and executing the attack, and will also take responsibility for it and provide media coverage. The article includes a list of conditions that the candidates must meet, a list of possible targets, and instructions for contacting the committee securely by using encrypted emails.
The following is the text of the article:[60]
"Ways of Contact:
"1. All forms of contact will be through [the] Asrar al­Mujahideen 2 [encryption] program. For more information, check the first issue of the magazine.
"2. Internet­related security measures should be learnt and use of disguising programs is essential.
"3. Those seeking the individual jihad will be using 2 newly­made emails, the first one will be used to send the requested information, including your Asrar key, and the second email will be attached with your sent information. Second email is used to exit out of the circle of possible infiltrated emails.
"4. Your sent message should be encrypted with the 'convoy of martyrs' key, using Asrar al­Mujahideen 2, and then sent using one of the emails you made to one of the following emails:
"a. [email protected]
"b. [email protected]
"c. [email protected]
"5. You can visit the following jihadi websites, like:
Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
"6. To contact us, here is the convoy of martyrs' public key:
"#­­­Begin Al­Ekhlaas Network ASRAR El Moujahedeen V2.0 Public..."[61]

Al­Shabaab Al­Mujahideen, Al­Qaeda's Somalia Affiliate Provides Encryption Codes

Before Somali Al­Qaeda affiliate Al­Shabaab's Twitter account was closed, it provided encryption 
codes for communication. The HSM Twitter account is also using a Yahoo Account, [email protected] , to connect with media and potential new Al­Shabaab members. It should be mentioned that on January 1, 2011 Al­Shabaab published a list of the email addresses of its media wing, Al­Kataib. The statement, released on the Shumukh jihadi forum, said that the email addresses, [email protected] , [email protected] , and [email protected] , were being provided so that anyone could convey an opinion, idea, or advice to the group. The statement also included the encryption key code[62] to be used when corresponding.[63]

Shumoukh Al­Islam, The Main Al­Qaeda Forum Provides Instructions For Accessing It Via Encrypted URL

On November 14, 2013, the Shumoukh Al­Islam forum began offering step­ by­step instructions on accessing the forum via its encrypted URL, as well as on verifying the forum's digital certificate.
The instructions were packaged under the "dissemination workshop" – a term used on jihadi forums to denote an important topic that jihadis seek to disseminate widely. Those behind the workshop provided an exhaustive list of Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to links to various websites, where the workshop was to be published.
Following are some of the technical details of the Shumoukh Al­Islam digital security certificate:
Common Name (CN):
Serial Number: 00: AF: FD: 4F: 52: 7D: 68: 14: 95 Issued On: 10/9/2013
Expires On: 10/9/2014
ST [state] = Singapore

Although undeclared, the workshop is probably a response to jihadis' querying about the digital certificate warning message appearing on their browsers in the past several weeks. The warning might have appeared as a result of expiration or alteration in the Shumoukh Al­Islam forum digital certificate. The current digital certificate was issued on October 9, 2013, and is valid for a year from its issuing date.
Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
It is worth noting that contrary to Shumoukh Al­Islam, visiting the Al­Fida' forum, the other top­tier Al­Qaeda forum, does not prompt the user to verify its digital certificate. Al­Fida's digital certificate, it turns out, expired on March 30, 2013. No new digital certificate is used when attempting to access Al­Fida'. [64]

Taliban English Online Magazine Azan Provides Encryption

In its fifth issue, released March 28, 2014, the Taliban's English­language online magazine Azan provided two e­mail accounts and encryption details for contacting it.
In its fourth issue, Azan included an encryption­based software key to recruit potential jihadis from the Western countries. As in previous issues, the software key, Asrar Al­Mujahideen, Ver.2, is from the first issue of AQAP's Inspire magazine.
Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
As in previous issues, the magazine notes: "If you would like to contribute to the magazine or to the global jihad against the crusader zionist alliance – or if you would like to carry out jihad on your home territory, contact us using the following (new) email." The magazine gives two email IDs: [email protected]
and [email protected]
An editorial in the magazine states: "In this issue of Azan, we speak directly to our brothers and sisters in the West and remind them of their obligation of Jihad." A cover story written by a western jihadi and titled "To The Jihadis In The West" urges Muslim youth in America, Canada, Britain, Europe, and Australia to launch attacks in their homelands to cause economic damage and force these countries to change their foreign policies towards Islamic countries.[65]
The third issue of the magazine also included encryption­based contact details originally from Inspire magazine. A note accompanying the encryption­based public key (see the above image) states: "All communications will go through the Asrar Al­Mujahideen Ver. 2 Program. Instructions on using that [software] program can be found in the first issue of Inspire Magazine."
It adds: "If you would like to contribute to the magazine or to the global jihad against the Crusader­Zionist alliance – or if you would like to carry out jihad
on your home territory, contact emails: [email protected] , [email protected] "
us using the following
This issue of Azan was released through the Pakistan­based Jamia Hafsa Forum and linked from various file­sharing websites, including the U.S.­based, which has emerged as the favorite platform for jihadis to disseminate their literature.
The previous two issues of Azan[66] also carried encryption­based details, calling potential jihadis to get in touch with the Taliban in order to carry out attacks.[67]

Internet Archive Library – Based In San Francisco, Used By Online Jihadis To Provide Encryption Lessons For Communicating With Al­Qaeda

Among the jihadis using the San Francisco­based Internet Archive,, is the English­language Ansarullah forum.[68] Its featured post for the week of August 8­12, 2011 was an advertisement from Inspire Magazine for readers to send questions to radical Yemeni­American Sheikh Anwar Al­Awlaki through encrypted messages.[69] The Ansarullah forum post included instructions for readers to send encrypted emails; this extensive
Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
document in English was posted directly on by the forum's administrators.[70]
* Steven Stalinsky is Executive Director of MEMRI; R. Sosnow is Head Editor at MEMRI.
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Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
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Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
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Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden
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